Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture & More

Bringing a piece of history into your home

Old Oak Construction is pleased to offer reclaimed wood in our long list of services. Each piece of wood has a story. Sourced from historic Southeastern homes, rich reclaimed barns, and much more, our reclaimed products exude character, history and stamina. Simply put, we take pride in offering authentic products that last.

Background on our Reclaimed Wood

We use locally sourced wood right from our neighborhood. From the foothills of North Carolina to the Crystal Coast, we source our wood from historic homes, reclaimed barns, farmhouses, and much more.  Most of this wood was hand hewn and has been beautifully weathered in a natural setting.  We source our wood from construction projects on old homes and properties, we believe reclaiming the wood is an important way to preserve the history of our community.

Heart pine reclaimed wood is our most popular product due to the vast longleaf pine forest that stretched from South Virginia to Southern Georgia in the early 1800’s. Heart pine was also the primary source of wood for our founding fathers, and now you can bring this rich history to your home!

Our Process

Once we’ve manufactured the wood, we offer it for wholesale purchase or custom orders. We also allow clients to view our inventory and select individual pieces for lifestyle projects. Though we do not mill the wood ourselves, we can cut to size, plane, sand and stain if you desire!

Custom Reclaimed Wood Items We Can Build:

    • Reclaimed Wood Flooring – handcrafted to fit perfectly in your home
    • Kitchen Islands –  historical wood placed right in your kitchen
    • Reclaimed Barn Doors – planed, sized, and sanded to fit your exact need
    • Shelves – a piece of art itself that makes a great addition to any home
    • Accent Beams – reclaimed wood beams add warmth and charm to any room
    • Accent Walls – add a rustic focal point to your home or business 
    • Customization – anything you want, we can build

Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture Examples:

Browse our gallery of reclaimed wood furniture and find inspiration for your own home today! View our full gallery here.

If you can dream it, we can build it. No matter the style or function you seek, our craftsmen will be with you every step of the way to ensure your vision comes to life. Fill out the form and let us know what reclaimed wood project we can help you with!

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