Refined Relic Renovation – Mayor of Wendell

It’s not everyday that we get a call from a mayor, but when we do we know we’re going to get a great opportunity! In this case, the Mayor of Wendell, Virginia Gray, was looking to do some extensive bathroom renovations, and knew she could count on the team at Old Oak Construction to handle the job.

She posed an interesting challenge to us: she wanted the two bathrooms to look similar, incorporating the original design of the home in our plans. However, she wanted to have something unique – something she could call her own. Additionally, the bathrooms were smaller than most, so we knew that the design and layout would be crucial in meeting her expectations.

We began work once the final plans were accepted, and found that the layout worked perfectly in meeting both the client’s expectations and our structural needs. We stuck with a timeless theme in both bathrooms, giving both a classic feel with unique flair. Best of all, we were able to incorporate an antique bathtub that had been abandoned in a barn for several years – one that other builders had said was “impossible to use” now. Needless to say, the Mayor was thrilled, and we were happy to have provided her with two great bathrooms with lots of character!

Refined Relic