Guest House Renovation

Recently, the team at Old Oak Construction was hired to begin renovation for a guest house and in-law suite. Time was critical, as the family was expecting their first child, and they were anticipating plenty of visitors to stay and help take care of the new addition. The family also had a fixed budget, so there was little room for error. To make matters even more challenging, the renovations would be taking place in an early-20th century carriage house, so we didn’t know for certain what we would find once work began. It was a tall order, but we knew we were up to the task!

The client had a general idea of what they wanted the finished product to look like, but trusted our team with the overall design and day-to-day selections throughout the job. Since the house was detached from the main living space, we were able to complete the project with minimal interruption to the family’s day-to-day life. While there are always unpredictable circumstances that can alter the project timeline such as uneven floors or weather delays, we were able to complete the job on time and remained under-budget.

In the end, our client couldn’t have been more pleased. Our finished project exceeded their expectations, saved them money, and provided a beautiful new living space that they’ll be able to use for many years to come. We’re happy to report that father, mother, and their new baby are all doing quite well, and we hope to be there to build a new nursery should the need arrive!

Guest House